Keto diet plan is gaining popularity these days. This diet plan basically includes low carb diet which boosts the fat burning process. The ketogenic diet plan is based on Ketosis state of the body. Ketosis is a basic metabolic process which helps to use our body fat as energy when required. Our body requires enough glucose for energy and this low carb diet provide limited carbs to the body so our body forcefully burns fat for energy. This diet helps to increase your energy level and improves overall health. You feel good internally using this diet plan. The process of converting fats into energy build Ketones compounds which raise the level of body tissues and fight against stubborn fat cells.

Keto diet plan replaces carbohydrates with high protein shakes and food items. The success rate of this diet plan is very high. You can also follow Keto diet plan to shed those extra kilos naturally. Starving and eating boring food is not dieting, dieting is satisfied your taste buds with tasty yet healthy food items.

How does Keto Diet Plan help to Lose Weight?

Ketogenic diet works on a simple rule of boosting metabolism and improves liver functioning. This diet includes protein, low carb food, essential vitamins and minerals to provide energy. Ketones produce metabolic fuel when our body start a fat burning process. Normally this process works during fasts, rigorous workout and when someone on Keto diet. Protein-rich diet reduces the calorie intake and our body starts using stored fat for energy. Taking low carb and balanced diet throughout the day lower down the glucose and insulin level of the body. Glucose and Insulin are the main sources of energy and essential for proper health. When our body doesn’t have enough glucose and insulin, Ketone compound in our liver start converting stored fats to energy.

Daily Protein Requirement of Keto Diet Plan

Now the question arises, How much protein our body requires for the Ketogenic diet plan? The rule of the keto diet is having 67 percent healthy fats, 28 percent proteins and 5 percent carbohydrates. This is very important to monitor the protein intake. High protein intake can stop the Ketone process. Ketogenic weight loss derives fast results but these results are not permanent. You have to carefully review your eating habits if you don’t want to gain that weight again. Follow this diet plan for 4 weeks and lose up to 10 Kg.

Different Type of Ketogenic Diet Shakes for Weight Loss

You can get protein through shakes and smoothies for weight loss. Juices and protein shakes are the great source of protein and healthy fats. Here we are going to share recipes for five high protein shakes which are low in carbohydrates. These protein shakes will boost your weight loss process by converting body fat into energy.

Chocolate, Coconut and Cocoa Protein Shake for Weight Loss

Chocolate, Coconut and Cocoa Protein Shake for Weight Loss

A creamy chocolate shake is a treat to stomach and taste buds when you are on weight loss diet. Dark chocolate shakes are good for your overall health. Chocolate shakes are very nutritious and a good source of protein. Coconut is also a good source of protein and contains healthy fat. This tasty shake is low in carbs and high in fats and protein. One glass chocolate protein shake has only 350 calories, 20-gram fats, 25-gram protein and 2-grams carbs.

How to Make Chocolate, Coconut and Cocoa Protein Shake to Burn Fat?

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