Ketogenic Diet: The Only KETO Post You Need!

So what is keto? Keto is when carbohydrates are not allowed or absent from one’s diet. The body needs to rely only on fat for energy. Ketosis occurs when carb levels are so low about 20 to 50 carbs a day.

Restricting carbs from your diet is probably one of the quickest ways to reach ketosis: 20 to 50 grams a day, or less than 10 % of daily calories. Some people consume less that 5 % carbs a day. Specific diet and exercise plans like intermittent fasting and a High Intensity interval trains will help a person get into ketosis quicker and will maximize fat loss.

We gathered here’s all what you need to succed, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Recipes,  Snacks and Dessert Recipes,  Menus,  Grocery Lists, Workout & Fitness, and a lot of Additionnal ressources…literally ALL WHAT YOU NEED, Let’s begin ♥

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