Here’s the Japanese cake spreading like wildfire on the internet – just wait until you see the 3 ingredients

There’s something about Japanese culture that has always fascinated me. Its strange dishes – different to most foods we eat in the west – is probably paramount in this respect.

With this particular recipe for Japanese cheesecake, however, I was sceptical at first. Most of us will have eaten cheesecake before, sure, but this is something different …

All in all, you need but three ingredients.

Sceptical I may have been, but one taste put an end to all of that. Its color – a bright yellow – drew me in, whilst the fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth texture stole me away.

I’ve quickly understood why food lovers the world over are hailing this crazy creation … one that’s since garnered some 11 million views on YouTube!

What you need:

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