3 Ingredient Banana Bread

Top Reader Review: This is a really good simple recipe. 2 important tips!! DO NOT OVERMIX THE BATTER. Just mix enough to incorporate ingredients. 

This easy 3 ingredient banana bread recipe will be your next new go-to! It’s delish, quick and always turns out perfectly! with 3 ingredients only available almost in every kitche, you can quickly mix all the ingredients together to create this delicious treat.  Simply mash the bananas in a large bowl, add remaining ingredients, Spray 2 small loaf pans or 1 large loaf pan with non-stick cooking spray that contains flour to easily coat loaf pan and divide the batter and pour into two loaf pans.

Quick Tip: Use a no-stick cooking spray that contains flour to easily coat loaf pan.

You’ll be so proud of yourself when you pull your first loaf out of the oven, the delishioness can be smelled mile away! I bet your curiosity is piqued about this recipe, yes? Flip on over to the second page for the yummy details!

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